Parents of children undergoing anesthesia and surgery may be anxious about one or several factors associated with procedure. Identification of anxiety, its intensity and causes can help health care providers respond in ways to alleviate the parental concern. Thompson et al developed a questionnaire to help manage anxiety in parents.


Items included in questionnaire (Appendix 2):

(1) surgery

(2) anesthesia

(3) pre-operative fasting and preparation

(4) post-operative treatment procedures

(5) post-operative pain

(6) hospitalization


I could also add the following:

(7) recovery at home (after discharge)

(8) economics



(1) not anxious at all

(2) slightly anxious

(3) quite anxious

(4) very anxious


Measures suggested to help relieve anxiety:

(1) more explanations by doctors and nurses

(2) opportunity to talk to parents whose children have undergone anesthesia

(3) education about anesthesia using audio-visual aids

(4) accompanying child to operating theatre

(5) to be present at induction of anesthesia


I could add the following:

(6) talk with a social worker about home care during the recovery

(7) talk to a financial counselor


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