A patient with the Alice in Wonderland Syndrome may have a poor quality of life if certain factors are present.


Features of the Alice in Wonderland Syndrome that may cause the patient to think that he or she is going mad:

(1) derealization

(2) depersonalization

(3) distortions in temporal, visual and body perception

(4) hallucinations


The patient may fear rejection or the responses of others, and so may not confide in others. This can result in social isolation and impaired relationships.


If episodes are frequent then the person may be limited in what they can do.


All of these factors can result in anxiety and depression, which further deteriorates the patient's quality of life.


The quality of life for a patient can be greatly enhanced by:

(1) being reassured that he or she is not mad

(2) being confide in and be accepted by others


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