For most patients stretch marks are a nuisance. For others the marks can cause an impaired quality of life.


Stretch marks are more likely to be bothersome if they are:

(1) large

(2) visible to others

(3) discolored (red, purple, different from skin color)


A person is more likely to be bothered by stretch marks if:

(1) the person feels compelled to wear coverup clothing that makes her or him feel self-conscious

(2) other people make fun of them

(3) the person feels a personal need to look perfect

(4) the person has a job that requires the person to look perfect (model, movie star, etc).


Some patients may:

(1) avoid social situations where the marks might be seen

(2) become depressed or angry about the marks

(3) lose work as a result with a drop in income

(4) spend a lot of money trying to get them removed


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