The quality of life for a patient with leprosy depends on a number of factors. In some parts of the world leprosy is associated with an extremely poor quality of life.


Factors impacting a patient with leprosy:

(1) social stigma

(2) intimate relationships (rejection, conflict, etc)

(3) psychological response (depression, low self-esteem, hope, acceptance)

(4) ability to work

(5) economic status

(6) physical disability and level of independence


Risk factors for a poor quality of life in a patient with leprosy:

(1) significant social stigma

(2) visible skin lesions or deformities

(3) rejection by family and friends

(4) depression and self-loathing

(5) inability to work or undesirable job opportunities

(6) poverty

(7) severe physical impairment

(8) no or little education

(9) lack of adequate medical care


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