Acne may impact the patient's quality of life much greater than would be expected from its clinical severity. A patient with a markedly negative response may benefit from more aggressive clinical management and from a psychological assessment.


Factors affecting the patient's response to acne:

(1) severity of acne

(2) extent of involvement

(3) duration

(4) disfigurement from scarring

(5) underlying conditions contributing to making acne worse (puberty, other hormones, etc)

(6) real or imagined need for a perfect appearance


Parameters impacting the quality of life:

(1) emotional and psychological response

(2) social impact

(3) economic impact

(4) physical consequences


Emotional and psychological response:

(1) depression

(2) feelings of shame, stigma or low self-esteem/self-image


Social impact:

(1) withdrawal or avoidance with social isolation during an outbreak

(2) negative response from peers or intimates


Economic impact:

(1) money spent on prevention and cure

(2) inability to work


Physical consequences:

(1) pain

(2) loss of energy


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