Abuse during childhood and adolescence can have a negative effect on a person's physical, psychological and emotional development. This can impact the person's adult life.

Type of abuse:

(1) physical

(2) emotional

(3) sexual

(4) neglect


Physical consequences depend on the location and extent of injuries. Neglect can result in preventable health issues (dental caries, vaccination status, etc).


Emotional consequences:

(1) post-traumatic stress symptoms and emotional effects: fear, anxiety, depression

(2) behavioral effects: risk of becoming an abuser when older

(3) substance abuse or co-dependency

(4) poor role model; may not know what normal is

(5) poor self-image

(6) poor relationships, with lack of trust and fear of intimacy


Environmental consequences:

(1) socio-economic deprivation

(2) education and opportunities

(3) running away from home

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