Mahmood et al evaluated the significance of pulmonary contusion on outcomes for patients with blunt chest trauma. The authors are from Hamad General Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical College in Doha, Qatar.

Pulmonary contusion


Patient selection: blunt chest trauma


Risk factors for pulmonary contusion:

(1) motor vehicle crash

(2) fall


Analysis: chest CT with intravenous contrast



(1) volume of left lung in mL

(2) volume of contusion in left lung in mL

(3) volume of right lung in mL

(4) volume of contusion in right lung in mL


percent of total lung volume showing contusion =

= ((volume of contusion left lung) + (volume of contusion right lung)) / ((volume of left lung) + (volume of right lung))



• A contusion volume >= 20% was associated with increased risk for ARDS, blood transfusion and prolonged mechanical ventilation.


Risk factors for ARDS:

(1) contusion volume >= 20%

(2) chest infection

(3) ISS (> 15)


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