Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy (PVR) may occur following a retinal detachment.

The onset may be spontaneous or following treatment of the retinal detachment


Risk factors:

(1) older age

(2) giant retinal tear

(3) retinal detachment involving more than 2 quadrants

(4) vitreous hemorrhage

(5) choroidal detachment

(6) previous retinal detachment repair

(7) following cryotherapy


Clinical features:

(1) status post retinal detachment

(2) growth of avascular fibrocellular membranes (scar tissue) within the vitreous cavity, on the front surface of the retina, and on the back surface of the retina

(3) it may interfere with closure of retinal breaks and/or exert traction on the retina


Fibrosis may be classified as:

(1) focal, diffuse or subretinal

(2) anterior, circumferential, and/or anterior displacement


Consequences may include with more severe fibrosis:

(1) equatorial traction

(2) detachment of the non-pigmented epithelium from the pars plana

(3) generalized retinal shrinkage

(4) fixed retinal folds

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