A diabetic with proliferative retinopathy may be at risk for severe vision loss if certain high risk characteristics (HRC) are left untreated.


Patient selection: diabetic with proliferative retinopathy


Outcome: severe vision loss (visual acuity < 25/200)


High risk characteristics:

(1) NVD (new vessels on the optical disk or within 1 disk diameter) covering > 25% of the optic disk area

(2) NVD of any size AND (preretinal hemorrhage OR vitreous hemorrhage)

(3) NVE (new vessels elsewhere, i.e. not on the optic disk) occupying a cumulative area >= 50% of the optic disk area AND (preretinal hemorrhage OR vitreous hemorrhage)



• In Klein et al the area for NVE is based on a single photographic field.


A patient with one or more high risk characteristics should undergo photocoagulation therapy if vision is to be preserved.


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