Hebestreit et al reported findings during cardiopulmonary exercise testing that are associated with a worse prognosis for a patient with cystic fibrosis. The authors are from Prognostic Value of CPET in CF Study Group from Europe, North America and Australia.

Patient selection: cystic fibrosis


Outcome: death or lung transplantation at 10-year follow-up



(1) VO2 peak as percent of predicted (worse if low)

(2) peak work rate as percent of predicted (worse if low)

(3) ventilatory equivalent for oxygen at peak (VE divided by VO2 peak; worse if high)

(4) ventilatory equivalent for carbon dioxide at peak (VE divided by VCO2 peak; worse if high)




10-Year Survival

VO2 peak

>= 82% of predicted



59 to 81%



<= 58% of predicted



Additional factors:

(1) FEV1 as percent of predicted (worse if low)

(2) age in years at testing (worse if high)

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