A number of findings in patients with minimal change disease may correlate with prognosis.


Favorable Finding

Unfavorable Finding

selective proteinuria limited to albumin and transferrin

immunoglobulins and other large proteins present in large amounts in the urine

minimal change

large glomeruli with mesangial and paramesangial deposits, with progression to focal segmental sclerosis


loss of tubular architecture

child who responds within 4 weeks; adult who responds within 8 weeks

child who does not respond in 4 weeks; adult who does respond in 20 weeks, or a nonresponder


child with an initial relapse < 6 months after discontinuation of steroids


Afro-American or Hispanic


acute renal failure


A person with unfavorable findings may require more aggressive therapy and monitoring. Some will respond positively while others may progress to more serious renal disease.


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