Pomeranz and Heidt identified findings on magnetic resonance images (MRI) associated with a prognosis following hamstring injury in an athlete. These can help identify an athlete who may require a longer period of convalescence. The authors are from Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.


MR findings associated with short convalescence periods:

(1) superficial muscle tears without hyperintensity on T1-weighed images (hemorrhage)

(2) muscle belly injury involving a small cross-sectional area


MR findings associated with prolonged convalescence periods (> 6 weeks):

(1) complete rupture of the muscle or tendon with retraction

(2) significant hemorrhage

(3) localized peritendinous fluid collections

(4) large cross-sectional area involvement (> 50%)

(5) deep muscle tears

(6) location (distal tendon > myotendinous junction > proximal muscle)


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