Monasterio et al identified factors associated with recovery following a cardiac arrest. These can help identify patients who may benefit from more aggressive management. The authors are from Hospital Universitario de la Princesa in Madrid, Spain.


Factors associated with a good outcome:

(1) cardiac arrest associated with an acute myocardial infarction

(2) cardiac arrest lasting < 5 minutes

(3) duration of CPR < 5 minutes

(4) pupils miotic (constricted) during CPR


Factors associated with a poor outcome:

(1) Glasgow coma score (GCS) < 9 on the third day after the arrest

(2) abnormal signs of neurological activity on the third day after the arrest

(3) generalized or focal seizures during the first 3 days after the arrest

(4) plasma osmolality > 320 mOsm per kg water

(5) presence of comorbid conditions

(5a) presence of hyperglycemia (blood glucose > 200 mg/dL)

(5b) uremia

(5c) hemodynamic instability with periods of hypotension

(5d) fever


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