del Aguila et al identified prognostic factors for patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). This can help identify patients who may benefit from more aggressive management or from novel therapies. The authors are from the University of Washington in Seattle.

Analysis: classification and regression tree (CART)


Parameters used:

(1) age at diagnosis

(2) time from symptom onset to diagnosis in months

(3) marital status


Age in Years

Time from Onset to Diagnosis

Marital status

Survival from Symptom Onset

Survival from Diagnosis

<= 39 years



70 months

59 months

> 39 years

< 9.5 months


23 months

17 months

> 39 years

>= 9.5 months


46 months

24 months

> 39 years

>= 9.5 months

not married

34 months

9 months


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