A person who is intoxicated by alcohol or other substances can have many problems when trying to ride a bicycle.

Riding while intoxicated is referred to as CUI (cycling under the influence).


Reasons why an intoxicated person may be riding a bicycle:

(1) lost driver's license

(2) does not want to be caught driving a motor vehicle

(3) in an area where motor vehicles are restricted


Problems can arise if:

(1) the person is not skilled at riding a bicycle

(2) the person is severely intoxicated

(3) the person is riding in an unsafe manner

(4) the person tries to ride on an inappropriate roadway (major highway, etc)

(5) the person is not wearing a safety helmet

(6) the weather is inclement

(7) the rider is rude and obnoxious

(8) the person does not have lights or reflective wear at night

(9) the person is trying to carry something inappropriately

(10) more than one person is on the bike

(11) the riding surface is uneven or damaged

(12) the bicycle is in a poor mechanical state with regards to brakes, gears, or components

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