The Problem-Oriented Screening Instrument for Teenagers (POSIT) is a 139-item instrument used to screen a teenager for a variety of problems. A subscale of 17 items can help to identify drug or alcohol abuse.

Items in subscale:

(1) gotten into trouble because of drugs or alcohol use at school

(2) accidentally hurt self or others while "high"

(3) missed out on activities because too much money spent on drugs or alcohol

(4) feel addicted to drugs or alcohol

(5) needed to use more and more drugs or alcohol to get the effect wanted

(6) leave a party because there were drugs or alcohol

(7) have a constant desire for alcohol or drugs

(8) had a car accident because of being intoxicated

(9) forgotten what you did while drinking or using drugs

(10) in the past month have you driven a car while intoxicated

(11) have a quick change in moods because of alcohol or drug use

(12) miss school or arrive late because of alcohol or drug use

(13) been told by family or friends to cut down on drinking or drug use

(14) have serious arguments with friend or family members because of drinking or drug use

(15) done something not normally done because of alcohol or drug use

(16) have trouble getting along with any of your friends because of alcohol or drug use

(17) feel that you cannot control alcohol or drug use









total score =

= SUM(points for all 17 parameters)



minimum score: 0

maximum score: 17

A score >= 1 (any positive response) indicates the need for a further assessment.

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