Are you evaluating a workplace for ways to prevent violence?

Is use made of?

• locked drop safes?

• limited cash available?

• posted signs announcing security measures?

• cashless transactions?

• security guards, especially during high risk periods?

• accessible alarm systems?

• barrier protection of workers?

• adequate lighting of hallways, parking lots, etc.?

• secure doors and windows?

• security devices on doors and windows?

• access control personnel at key points?

• control measures on passageways, stairs and elevators?

• adequate staffing, especially during high risk periods?

• surveys to reduce/eliminate hiding places, security gaps and vulnerable practices?

• body armor for police and security guards?

• 2-way communication devices?

• GPS units in taxicabs and other vehicles?

• surveillance cameras with video recording?

• access control systems?

• ability to view people outside doors and entrances?

• creation of safe, secured rooms?

Are employees and personnel trained in?

• defusing or de-escalating conflict?

• nonviolent response to situations?

• training in security measures?

• demonstration of competence in use of personal protective devices?

• drills?


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