Medication-induced esophageal injury (MIEI) can be avoided by selection and administration of orally administered medications.


Steps to prevent medication-induced esophageal injury:

(1) Remain standing for >= 90 seconds after taking an oral tablet or capsule.

(2) Take oral tablet or capsules with >= 100 mL of fluid (about 3.5 US fluid ounces).

(3) Avoid anhydrous pills or tablets.

(4) Administer a liquid formulation of a medication if the patient:

(4a) is bed-ridden.

(4b) has an esophageal stricture, tumor or motility disorder.

(4c) has difficulty swallowing.

(4d) is dehydrated

(5) An oval shape is preferred for larger tablets.

(6) Minimize the total number of tablets, pills and capsules taken.


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