Excessive skin dryness is often multifactorial. It can be reduced by careful attention to interventions that preserve skin moisture.


Interventions that can preserve skin moisture and reduce dryness:

(1) wear a skin covering in cold weather (gloves, other)

(2) wear a skin covering in windy weather (windbreaker, other)

(3) keeping well-hydrated, especially in warm weather

(4) avoiding excessive sun exposure during the summer

(5) keeping the thermostat low during the winter, since running the furnace reduces humidity

(6) use a humidifier if the room humidity is low, especially during the winter

(7) wash less frequently

(8) wash in lukewarm rather than hot water

(9) washing with mild soaps that are mild and dermatologist tested

(10) avoid washing with soaps or detergents that dry the skin or that are harsh

(11) wearing protective gloves when hands are frequently exposed to water

(12) patting skin dry (not rubbing dry)

(13) applying skin moisturizers frequently, especially after washing when the skin is damp

(14) adding a bath oil to bath water

(15) wearing protective gloves when exposed to harsh products or chemicals

(16) avoiding medications that decreased sweating (niacin, cholesterol lowering drugs, atropine or atropine-like drugs, and retinoids)

(17) use of water or oil barrier products


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