Brownlee et al used a simple algorithm to help guide foot care in a patient with diabetes mellitus.


Risk factors to screen for at each examination:

(1) peripheral neuropathy

(2) peripheral vascular disease

(3) foot deformity

(4) edema

(5) history of previous foot ulceration

(6) other diabetic complications


Others that I would add:

(7) foot trauma

(8) current foot ulcerations


Immediate Instruction


no risk factors

Foot care education.

Advice on footwear.

Advice on podiatry.

at least annually

1 or more risk factors

Foot care education.

Consider special footwear.

Regular podiatry.

several times a year, depending on the number and severity of risk factors; always inspect the feet at each visit


Inspection of the feet of a diabetic at each examination is simple and effective.


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