Testosterone gel may be used to treat men with low or absent testosterone levels. If the testosterone gel is on an exposed area of skin then a person who comes into skin contact may absorb testosterone with the potential for undesirable side effects associated with virilization.


People who usually are at risk include:

(1) children

(2) spouses

(3) other family members


Problems occur if the patient:

(1) applies the cream to an exposed skin surface

(2) fails to completely wash the hands used for the application



(1) The hands used to apply the gel should be washed thoroughly with soap and water immediately after the application.

(2) The application site should be kept covered once the gel dries.

(3) The application site should be thoroughly washed with soap and water prior to any situation during which the site may come into contact with the skin of another person.

(4) Only an approved product of known composition should be used.


The gel should only be used if there is a clear indication and if therapy is guided by the patient's healthcare provider.


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