Most patients are completely or very satisfied with the outcome of carpal tunnel release surgery. Katz et al identified factors associated with low patient satisfaction after the procedure. The authors are from Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston University, University of Texas Houston, Centre Hospitalier Regionale de Rimouski in Quebec and Maine Medical Assessment Foundation.


Preoperative predictors identified by the authors as associated with lower satisfaction:

(1) more severe upper extremity functional limitation prior to surgery (Levine et al)

(2) worse mental health status

(3) alcohol abuse

(4) being a worker who has an attorney


In the absence of these factors the satisfaction was generally high. If one or more is present then the patient may benefit from more additional discussions prior to surgery.


Postoperative factors that might be associated with lower satisfaction (not addressed in paper):

(1) serious complication associated with surgery

(2) no improvement or worsening of function after surgery


Patients with advanced carpal tunnel syndrome may have loss of muscle mass prior to surgery. This group would be captured in the group with more severe upper extremity functional limitation.


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