Wiegmann et al reported risk factors for falls in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. These can help to identify a high-risk patient who may benefit from more aggressive management. The authors are from multiple institutions in Germany.

Patient selection: rheumatoid arthritis


A one-leg stand test (for 10 seconds) can quickly determine if the patient is low or high-risk for falls (OR 2.1).


Additional tests associated with falls:

(1) low FICSIT-4 (OR 2.4)

(2) medio-lateral sway on Romberg test (OR 2.6)

(3) total sway on semitandem stand (OR 3.1)

(4) total sway of tandem stand (OR (2.9)

(5) area of sway of semitandem stand (OR 2.8)


Areas to target for prevention:

(1) prevention of joint deformities in the lower extremities

(2) mobility and perception of the foot

(3) medio-lateral and anterior-posterior balance

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