Wichstrom identified a number of predictors for identifying a person who may use anabolic steroids in the future. This can help identify a person who may benefit from interventions to prevent such use. The author is from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim.


Predictors for future anabolic steroid use:

(1) male gender

(2) adolescent or young adult

(3) history of previous anabolic steroid use

(4) participation in power sports

(5) frequent alcohol use



• All of these factors can be found in a college football fraternity.


Other factors favoring the use of anabolic steroids:

(1) participation in a sport where muscle mass and strength offer a competitive advantage (sprinting, throwing events, American football, weight lifting, body building)

(2) competition at the highest performance levels

(3) significant rewards for winning

(4) excessive desire for a perfect appearance

(5) contacts with someone involved with illicit drug use


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