Sun et al identified factors predictive of reduced survival at 1-year following surgery for a patient requiring prolonged mechanical ventilation. The authors are from Peking University First Hospital, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Beijing Cancer Hospital and Beijing Hospital in China.

Patient selection: post-operative patient in the ICU requiring prolonged mechanical ventilation


Independent predictors of reduced 1-year survival based on multivariate analysis:

(1) cancer surgery (OR 2.1)

(2) no tracheostomy on the 21st day of ventilation (OR 2.0)

(3) enteral nutrition intolerance (OR 1.9)

(4) platelet count <= 150 ^ 10^9/L (thrombocytopenia, OR 1.8))

(5) need for vasopressors on the 21st day of ventilation (OR 1.7)

(6) renal replacement therapy on the 21st day of ventilation (RRT, OR 1.7)


The risk of mortality increased with the number of predictors present.



• The area under the ROC curve was 0.81

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