Song et al reported factors associated with infection or death in a patient with an open pelvic fracture with rectal injuries. The authors are from Shandong Provincial Hospital and Shandong University in China.

Patient selection: open pelvic fracture with rectal injuries


Predictors for pelvic infection and/or death:

(1) shock (infection)

(2) failure to perform a colostomy (infection)

(3) revised trauma score <= 8 (score range 0 to 12, incorporating respiratory rate, systolic blood pressure and Glasgow Coma Scale) (death)


Other risk factors from univariate analysis for infection:

(1) Gustilo-Anderson grade III soft tissue injury (extensive, flaps of soft tissue)

(2) massive blood transfusion (>= 10 units in the first 24 hours)


An unstable pelvic fracture should undergo:

(1) aggressive treatment of shock

(2) open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF)

(3) extensive debridement

(4) early colostomy if indicated

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