McGurkin et al identified predictors associated with outcome following unscheduled surgery performed on an elderly adult. The authros are from UCL/UCKH, Homerton University Hospital, University City College Hospital and the National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia in London.

Patient selection: adult > 65 years old undergoing unscheduled surgery



(1) CSHA Clinical Frailty Scale (CFS) of Rockwood et al, from 1 to 7

(2) ASA status

(3) E-POSSUM and P-POSSUM scores

(4) operative severity

(5) Surgical Outcome Risk Tool (SORT)


Predictors for 30-day postoperative mortality:

(1) Clinical Frailty Score >= 4



Predictors of postoperative stay:

(1) ASA 4 or 5

(2) major surgery


Scores predictive of post-operative stay:

(1) Surgical Outcome Risk Tool (SORT)


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