Dumfarth et al reported predictors for postoperative stroke in a patient following emergent surgery for a type A aortic dissection. The authors are from Medical University of Innsbruck in Austria.

Patient selection: emergency surgery for type A aortic dissection


Independent predictors of postoperative stroke:

(1) bovine aortic arch (OR 2.3)

(2) preoperative cardiopulmonary resuscitation (OR 6.5)

(3) preoperative malperfusion (OR 2.5; cerebral, cardiac, visceral, limb)


In addition, impaired perfusion of the right carotid artery was a risk factor with OR 2.2 but p value 0.064.


The insult causing the stroke could have occurred prior to the start of surgery.


A postoperative stroke is associated with morbidity and length of stay but not mid-term survival.


Multiorgan failure was the primary cause of in-hospital mortality (OR 14.5).

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