Claassen et al proposed a rating scale for CT changes seen on brain CT. The grade correlates with delayed cerebral ischemia and cerebral infarction. The authors are from Columbia University.

Patient selection: subarachnoid hemorrhage


Predictors of delayed cerebral ischemia:

(1) thick clot completely filling any cistern or fissure (OR 2.3)

(2) blood in both lateral ventricles (OR 4.1)

(3) admission mean arterial blood pressure > 112 mm Hg (OR 4.9)

(4) transcranial Doppler mean velocity > 140 cm/s within 5 days of hemorrhage (OR 3.8)


Other risk factors:

(1) smoking within the past 6 months (OR 2.4)

(2) admission Glasgow coma score < 15 (OR 2.4)

(3) admission NIHSS >= 6 (OR 2.4)


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