Beaino et al identified predictors for severe cognitive deficiency in a very preterm infant. These can help to identify infants who should be monitored more closely. The authors are from multiple hospitals in France participating in the EPIPAGE Study Group.


Patient selection: very preterm infant (born before 33 weeks of gestation)


Risk factors for severe cognitive deficiency:

(1) low socio-economic status of the parents

(2) lack of breastfeeding (may reflect neuromuscular disability)

(3) presence of significant cerebral lesions on imaging studies

(4) small for gestational age

(5) 3 or more siblings


Cerebral lesions associated with an increased risk:

(1) Grade II or III intraventricular hemorrhage

(2) echodensities

(3) ventricular dilatation

(4) intraparenchymal hemorrhage

(5) cystic periventricular leukomalacia


Additional risk factors:

(1) gestational age <= 28 weeks

(2) bronchopulmonary dysplasia

(3) anemia

(4) postnatal corticosteroids

(5) low maternal education (less than high school)


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