Ali et al identified risk factors for fetal mortality following trauma to the mother. A pregnant woman with one or more of these findings should be monitored closely for fetal status. The authors are from the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Criteria for inclusion: pregnant trauma patient with Injury Severity Score > = 12


Risk factors for fetal death known at or shortly after admission:

(1) abruptio placenta present

(2) maternal DIC present

(3) Injury Severity Score (ISS) > 24

(4) blood loss, as reflected by the minimum hemoglobin level (< 8.5 g/dL)

(5) need for blood transfusions >= 4 units


Risk factors known later in the hospitalization

(6) length of hospital stay > 14 days



• These values are based on the data in Table 3, page 783.


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