The Young Infants Clinical Signs Study Group (YICSSG) developed a simple prediction rule for identifying severe illness in neonates and young infants up to 60 days old. The Study Group was from multiple institutions around the world.


Evaluation (7 possible positive results):

(1) body temperature <= 35.5°C OR >= 37.5°C (counted as 2 items)

(2) history of difficulty feeding

(3) history of convulsions/seizures

(4) moving only when stimulated

(5) respiratory rate >= 60 breaths per minute

(6) severe chest indrawing during respirations


The presence of one or more findings indicates severe illness.



• In neonates the sensitivity was 85% and specificity 75%.

• In young infants 7 to 59 days old the sensitivity was 74% and specificity 79%.


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