The transfer of a critically ill patient on mechanical ventilation may be followed by respiratory deterioration. The ability to predict which patients are at risk for respiratory deterioration may help in the decisions for when and how to transfer the patient.



(1) 98 patients at a teaching hospital in Hannover, Germany

(2) The patients were 16-89 years of age (mean 46 years).

(3) All were on mechanical ventilation.

(4) Respiratory deterioration after transfer was indicated by a significant decrease in the PaO2-to-FIO2 ratio,


Respiratory deterioration was predicted if either of the following was present (Table 4, page 1160):

(1) age > 43 years

(2) FIO2 > 50%



• The rule identified 20 of 22 patients who showed respiratory deterioration, giving a sensitivity 91%.

• The specificity was 65%.


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