Mertens et al developed simple equations for predicting maximal oxygen uptake in adults with cardiovascular disease using the cycle ergometer. The authors are from the University of Toronto in Canada.


Patient selection: Adults with coronary artery disease, with half taking no medication and half taking a beta blocker and/or calcium channel antagonist.


Testing was done on a cycle ergometer, with the end point symptom-limited.


maximum oxygen uptake VO2 max in mL per min =

= (2 * (peak power output in kp • m / min)) + (2.38 * (body weight in kilograms)) - 195.4


This can be simplified for most body weights (62 to 102 kg) to:


maximum oxygen uptake VO2 max in mL per min =

= 2 * (peak power output in kp • m / min) =

= 12.3 * (peak power output in Watts)



• 1 W = 6.13 kp • m / min

• kp refers to kilopond = force acting on a mass of 1 kg at normal acceleration of gravity, or 9.807 newton

• In the ACSM Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Exercise, 1 W is approximately 6 kg • m / min.


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