The risk of fatal cardiovascular disease in a European within the next 10 years can be predicted based on several clinical parameters. This can help identify a patient who may benefit from aggressive therapy and can be used to educate the patient about the risks of various factors. The data was part of the SCORE (Systematic COronary Risk Evaluation) project.


Patient selection: adult European >= 40 years of age


Predicted outcome: probability of fatal cardiovascular event within 10 years



(1) age

(2) gender

(3) smoker vs nonsmoker

(4) high risk vs low risk population

(5) systolic blood pressure in mm Hg

(6) serum total cholesterol in mmol/L

(7) ratio of total serum cholesterol to HDL cholesterol



• Age, systolic blood pressure and cholesterol values are rounded to values shown in the tables.


A patient's risk is based on values shown in the data tables shown in Figure 1 (total cholesterol and high risk region, page 993), Figure 2 (total cholesterol and low risk region, page 994), Figure 3 (cholesterol ratio and high risk region, page 995) and Figure 4 (cholesterol ratio and low risk region, page 996).


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