Ruano et al used ultrasonography to predict pulmonary hypoplasia in utero for a fetus with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. The authors are from the Universidade de Sao Paulo in Brazil.



(1) estimated fetal body weight in grams based on Hadlock et al (1985), see 15.05.03

(2) total fetal lung volume in cubic centimeters based on volume reconstruction of the sonographic images


ratio of lung volume to body weight =

= (total fetal lung volume) / (body weight in grams)



• The 10th percentile for the ratio in normal fetuses was 0.020

• The ratio for pulmonary hypoplasia appears to be the same as for the gross pathology ratio (see above).

Week Gestation

Ratio Associated with Pulmonary Hypoplasia

< 28 weeks

< 0.015

>= 28 weeks

< 0.012



• The overall accuracy was reported as 86%.


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