A diabetic should take a number of precautions when exercising. These are often determined by the type and severity of diabetic complications present.


Diabetic complications that should prompt precautions:

(1) ketosis

(2) episodes of hypoglycemia

(3) retinopathy

(4) peripheral neuropathy

(5) autonomic neuropathy

(6) peripheral vascular disease

(7) coronary heart disease

(8) history of repetitive trauma

(9) nephropathy

(10) hypertension

Diabetic Complication



high impact or vigorous sports, heavy lifting, Valsalva maneuver, activities that cause jarring, activities with the head low, breathholding

vascular insufficiency in legs and/or peripheral neuropathy

high impact activities, repetitive weight-bearing


intensive exercise, heavy lifting, Valsalva maneuver


vigorous activity

autonomic neuropathy

more vigorous activity than accustomed to, situations that can result in injury if sudden hypotension occurs


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