Muscaritoli et al listed criteria for a diagnosis of pre-cachexia. This can help to identify a patient at risk and to initiate an intervention before the full syndrome develops. The authors are from multiple hospitals in Europe.


Criteria for pre-cachexia - all of the following:

(1) an underyling chronic disease (see below)

(2) unintentional weight loss <= 5% of usual body weight during the past 6 months

(3) chronic or recurrent systemic inflammatory response (SIR) with elevated C-reactive protein

(4) anorexia or anorexia-related symptoms


Chronic diseases associated with cachexia may include:

(1) cancer

(2) COPD

(3) chronic heart failure (CHF)

(4) chronic renal failure

(5) chronic liver disease

(6) AIDS

(7) rheumatoid arthritis

(8) tuberculosis or other chronic infection


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