The power output required for a person to move a wheelchair over different terrains can vary on the weights involved, the nature of the surface, and the degree of any incline.


power output in kg•m/min =

= ((wheelchair pushing force) + (incline force)) * (velocity in m per minute)



• kg•m/min is a measure of power equal to about 0.1635 watts, and is equivalent to pushing a 1 kilogram weight a distance of 1 meter in 1 minute

• 1 kilometer per hour = 16.66 meter per minute


wheelchair pushing force on tile surface =

= (0.018 * (person's body weight in kilograms)) - 0.461


wheelchair pushing force on a carpeted surface =

= (0.033 * (person's body weight in kilograms)) - 0.247


incline force =

= ((weight of person in kg) + (weight of wheelchair in kg)) * (sine of incline in degrees)



• incline is given in degrees from 0° to 5°

• the sine of 1° is 0.01745


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