An ectopic pregnancy is one where the blastocyst does not implant into endometrium, i.e. within the endometrial cavity.

Possible sites:

(1) fallopian tube

(2) ovary

(3) endocervical canal

(4) within the myometrium (intramural) associated with a cesarean section scar

(5) within the peritoneal cavity

(6) uterine rudimentary horn (without connection to the uterine cavity)


An ectopic site can be suspected when:

(1) there is elevation of the serum or urine HCG

(2) no evidence of a gestational sac is seen within the endometrial cavity

(3) a missed abortion is not suspected

(4) a sac is present in an ectopic site (see above)

(5) fetal heart beat, placental and/or fetal tissue is identified at the site

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