Decorative contact lenses may be purchases by consumers directly from a commercial outlet. The FDA has warned consumers that these lenses may be associated with a variety of ocular problems, some of which may be severe.


Examples of decorative lenses: Halloween or Christmas themes, complex designs, multi-colored


Risk factors for problem associated with decorative contact lenses:

(1) lenses not fit by a qualified eye care professional

(2) lenses purchased for a bargain price at a flea market, beach shop or other low cost venue

(3) wearing the lens for longer than the recommended period

(4) failure to clean and maintain properly


Signs and symptoms associated with a problem arising from an ill-fitting lens:

(1) redness or tearing (conjunctivitis or allergic reaction)

(2) pain or discomfort (corneal abrasion)

(3) visual difficulty (reduced acuity, contrast sensitivity, other)


If any of these problems are noted, then the wearer should immediately remove the contact lens and contact an eye care professional.


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