A clandestine laboratory producing methamphetamine or other illegal drug may be associated with hazards to the operators, neighbors and police. Any approach to a clandestine laboratory should be done with utmost caution.

Item in Laboratory


volatile chemicals and solvents

explosion or fire, especially if open flames are used

toxic chemicals in bulk quantities

toxic exposures (dermal, inhalation, other)


gunshot wounds, homicide

alcohol and drugs of abuse (recently synthesized drugs, other drugs being distributed)

intoxication, drug abuse, psychosis

unintended byproducts of synthesis

toxic side effects (rhabdomyolysis, drug-induced Parkinson's disease, toxic hepatitis, other)

drugs, additives or chemicals used to mimic or replace the active agent (counterfeit, cutting agent)

infectious or toxic drug effects

addicted women trading sex for drugs

sexually transmitted disease, viral hepatitis C, HIV


Additional hazards of drug production:

(1) booby traps setup around the laboratory

(2) injuries associated with trying to acquire raw ingredients (breaking into offices, stealing chemicals)


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