McCrary developed a tool for describing outcome for a wound following treatment. The author is from David Grant USAF Medical Center at Travis Air Force Base in California.



(1) status of underlying condition

(2) need for additional resection or amputation from affected limb or site

(3) take of the skin graft

(4) change in wound status


Categories for possible outcomes:

(1) excellent (completely healed)

(2) satisfactory (improved)

(3) unsatisfactory (unchanged or worse)

(4) incomplete

(5) inconclusive


Criteria for excellent outcome (healed) - all of the following:

(1) The patient has completely recovered and the wound is completely healed.

(2) No additional resection or amputation required.

(3) Take of any skin graft is >= 95%.

(4) No new wounds have developed.


Criteria for satisfactory outcome (improved) - one or more of the following:

(1) The patient has improved, and further improvement is expected with further therapy.

(2) If an amputation or resection is required, the amputation is distal to where expected at the start of therapy or the resection is less than anticipated.

(3) Any skin graft take is from 51 to 94%.

(4) A new wound unrelated to the initial wound has occurred, or a wound that could not have been reasonably prevented has developed.

(5) The patient has a nonhealing wound receiving palliative care that has achieved the optimum outcome that can be expected.


Criteria for unsatisfactory outcome - one or more of the following

(1) No change has occurred in the underlying disease.

(2) A recommended amputation level did not heal and a more proximal amputation was required.

(3) A new wound has developed that could have been prevented by better care or preventive measures.

(4) The wound has worsened or become larger.

(5) The patient has developed a secondary complication as the result of the wound.

(6) Any skin graft take is <=50%.


Criteria for incomplete:

(1) The wound is improving.

(2) Therapy was discontinued before healing is complete (due to discharge home or other reason).


Criteria for inconclusive:

(1) insufficient information or documentation of patient, wound or treatment status


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