Decapitation may occur by a number of mechanisms and for a number of reasons.


Conditions associated with decapitation:

(1) sharp cutting device

(1a) sword or other sharp weapon (warfare, execution)

(1b) guillotine (execution)

(1c) dismemberment post-mortem (rage against the victim, intent to dispose, intent to hide identity)

(1d) mechanical equipment such as a saw (accident)

(1e) train or trolley (suicide or accident)

(2) shearing action with high speed movement across a fixed object

(2a) motor vehicle impact (vehicle-assisted)

(2b) fixed object across a motorway, railway, rollercoaster, etc

(3) pulling on a noose of material around the neck

(3a) hanging (homicide or suicide)

(3b) tying a rope around the neck and then driving away at high speed (suicide)

(3c) clothing around the neck caught in a machine (accident)

(4) explosion

(5) bullet through the neck

(6) flying material that crosses the neck

(6a) metal cable or other whip

(6b) object in a motor vehicle sent flying during a sudden deceleration (building material, surfboard, etc)


A false decapitation may occur during advanced decomposition.


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