Pereira et al identified risk factors for 30-day hospital readmission for older adults with medical conditions. These can help to identify a patient who may require more aggressive management or a change in medications. The authors are from multiple institutions in Portugal and Switzerland.

Patient selection: age >= 65 years, on a medical ward


Outcome: 30-day readmission (occurred in 7.8%)


Risk factors for readmission:

(1) polypharmacy (>= 5 drugs; OR 1.043 for each additional drug prescribed)

(2) certain prescriptions (see below)

(3) longer length of stay (OR 1.014 per additional day)

(4) impaired mobility (OR 1.2)

(5) multimorbidity (OR 1.4 per additional diagnosis)

(6) cancer (OR 2.5)



(1) antiemetics and antinauseants (OR 3.2)

(2) antihypertensives (OR 1.8)

(3) drugs for functional GI disorders (OR 1.4)

(4) systemic hormonal preparations (OR 1.2)

(5) vitamins (OR 1.2)

(6) concurrent use of beta-blocker and acid-related disorder (OR 1.4)

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