The Platelet Storage Lesion (PSL) refers to the deterioration in platelets that occurs with storage. Platelets that develop a significant platelet storage lesion may not benefit the patient following transfusion.


Things that can adversely affect platelets:

(1) prolonged storage

(2) improper environmental factors including temperature control

(3) improper handling, including failure to provide a gentle agitation

(4) insufficient buffering resulting in progressive acidosis

(5) failure to provide adequate nutritional support

(6) failure to maintain osmotic balance

(7) bacterial contamination

(8) exposure to toxic chemicals


Features that may indicate platelet deterioraton with storage:

(1) change in morphologic features

(2) change to in vitro platelet function

(3) increased apoptosis

(4) decreased percent recovery following transfusion

(5) abnormalities in metabolic activity

(6) change in surface receptor expression

(7) changes in proteomics


If the causes of platelet deterioration during storage can be understood then platelets can be stored longer and can benefit the recipient more.


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