Rodrigues et al evaluated stem cell transplantation using unrelated cord blood in adults with lymphoid malignancies. Several parameters of the cord blood impacted patient outcomes. The authors are from multiple institutions in Europe and North America.


Patient selection: adult with a lymphoid malignancy



(1) body weight of the patient

(2) number of CD34+ cells infused

(3) number of nucleated cells infused

(4) number of umbilical cord blood units infused


If the number of CD34+ cells was > 100,000 per kg body weight, then the odds ratio for neutrophil engraftment was 2.7.


If the total number of nucleated cells was > 2 * 10^7 per kg body weight, then

(1) non-relapse related mortality was improved.

(2) progression free survival was improved.

(3) overall survival was improved.


If a double umbilical cord blood unit was infused then relapse or progression were significantly reduced (OR 0.28).


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