Placement of medications in a pillbox is one way to gain insight into how well an older adult can manage medications.

Patient selection: age >= 65 years


Equipment: pillbox with 4 compartments


Instructions to place 2 medicines (1 antibiotic and aspirin) in compartments to meet the day's needs



(1) points for pillbox placement (from 1 to 3)

(2) time taken to perform in seconds


Correct pillbox placement:

(1) one antibiotic pill in placed in 3 of 4 compartments

(2) two aspirin pills in all 4 of the compartments


Incorrect: any deviation from correct




no drug placed correctly


one drug placed correctly


two drug placed correctly



pillbox ratio =

= (pillbox placement) / (time taken to perform



• minimum score: around 0.0083

• maximum score: around 0.300

• Good performance is associated with a high decimal.

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