A person may be sexually assaulted with a foreign body. It is important to attempt to identify the object since it can be used as evidence against the perpetuator.


Physical signs that can be caused by a foreign object:

(1) erythema or bruising

(2) abrasions

(3) lacerations

(4) tenderness

(5) edema


Sites to examine:

(1) anus and perianal region

(2) rectum and sigmoid colon (if anus penetrated)

(3) labia

(4) introitus

(5) vagina


The victim may not know what the foreign object was.


It is important to completely examine the victim once sexual assault by a foreign object is suspected. The entire object or part of it may still be in situ. This needs to be removed, both to serve as evidence and to prevent complications such as abscess or fistula formation.


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