Some physical therapies such as phototherapy or saunas are delivered in special chambers or rooms. Certain features should be present to help ensure patient safety.



electrical safety

The patient and operator should not be able to touch a live electrical part (no shocks). There should be ground fault protection.

protective shielding

Lamps and/or heating elements should be shielded to prevent physical contact. In the event of damage to the unit the parts should be shielded from patient contact.

patient viewing window

With proper shielding if indicated

hand rails and hand holds


door and latches

The doors should be easy for the patient to open from the inside.

non-skid floor




timer and automatic shut-offs

To turn off chamber when time period completed or door opened

emergency shut-off


alarm device

Accessible to patient and/or attendant. The alarm should be able to prompt an emergency response.

warning signs

Signs to indicate specific dangers.

regular inspection and maintenance schedule



Additional features:

(1) protective clothing or coverings, including eyeglasses for patient and attendant

(2) an attendant present during the session


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